Character Creation

Starting level is 5
40 point buy
You may change the +2 out of cha to something of your choice, no ability starting over 20
Starting wealth is 10500 gold, you must send me a list of anything that you wish to buy.Le

Leveling will be down every 3 or 4 game sessions. You must have an up to date character sheet on this site. If you are worried about any secrets then discuss that with me.

Any character wishing to cast divine spells must be female. All players must be of either N, CN, LE, NE, CE alignment.

You may take a gestualt npc class of half your level(rounding down), so starting at 2. The choices are expert, noble, and fighter. At 1st level, 3rd level, etc you may take a feat that goes with your class. You may add the base attack bonus to that of your class up to your hit dice, skill points are added and must go into a skill from that class option
fighter off of fighter feat list
expert feats that aide in skills or professions
noble anything related to leadership, nobility, appraise, etc.
If you have any questions about it shoot me an email

Nobility Ranking is determined by numerous factors but mainly your value to the family. Some of these factors are controllable, some not. Everyone starts off with a score of 50 and it will change from there. If you score drops down below a 0 you will be banished from the family.

Each week you may send one email to me with actions you wish to take including anything from discussions with family members, purchases you would like to make, items you wish to create, attempts to spy on others, and anything else you can think of.

All light spells must be learned that includes for clerics and sorcerers as well.
Wizards learn 4 spells from their chosen school and 2 universal spells each level. they may exchange 2 school spells for 1 universal each level.

Item Creation:
You may attempt to create items during the time between game sessions unless otherwise stated. Each week you may create an item/items that have value of 100 gp x skill check, this will cost you 75% to you. A roll of a 1 or 20 does not mean automatically fail or succeed for this skill only. This will include the cost of materials but not any rare materials that may need to be gathered. You must meet the requirements to create the items(feats, skill check, spell requirement). You may also use this to upgrade any items that you have but the same rules apply.

Menzoberranzan: The Rise of House Kilviir

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